Bayonne’s SilkLofts Celebrates Its History

silklofts-154-avenue-e-bayonne-signvia JerseyDigs – A homecoming of sorts was held last night at the former site of the Maidenform Brassiere Company, which now sports another piece of its unique history for residents to enjoy.

The hulking, four-building industrial complex at 154 Avenue E was converted into the SilkLofts rental complex in 2014. But before its lengthy and occasionally trying renovation, the building facilitated the manufacturing of everything from the modern bra to military parachutes and carrier pigeon vests.

The property, the oldest parts of which date back to 1890, was originally the Schwarzenbach Huber Mill, but Maidenform took over the facility in 1929. The company was one of the largest employers in Bayonne at their peak in 1940, employing an estimated 1,300 workers.



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