Bayonne Bike Share

gpx6_09baybike20_1via The Hudson Reporter – Bayonne’s bike share program is almost ready for installation. “Bayonne Bike Share” signs are beginning to pop up around town with maps indicating the locations of seven stations dispersed evenly throughout the city. Bayonne will be the fourth city in the county to adopt a bike share program, and the third to use P3 Global Management, the company that was awarded the contract to install and maintain the bike share program.

The planned stations will be at Dennis Collins Park, 16th Street Park, Stephen R. Gregg Park, in front of the Barnabas at Bayonne on Broadway and 30th Street, and the light rail stations on 22nd Street, 34th Street, and 45th Street. The program will be funded through membership and usage fees.

Bike share programs typically charge a monthly or annual membership for rides up to 45 minutes. In Hoboken, where the Hudson Bike Share program was implemented in 2015 using the same contractor as Bayonne, P3 Global Management, annual membership costs less than $100 for unlimited 45-minute rides, while longer rides cost extra. Riders will either enter an individualized code at the station or a card to unlock a bike and will be able to return the bike to any station in the city. Rates for the Bayonne Bike Share are not yet finalized.

The stations, which occupy the equivalent of one parking space, are like a high-tech bike rack that automatically locks the front rims of the bikes. In Hoboken, the bikes lock automatically even if not in a station, allowing other riders to punch in a code and ride off. It is unclear whether Bayonne will have a similar feature.

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